Beauty Salon and Barbershop Software Alternatives:

2018 Pricing & Feature Comparison Chart

Compare beauty salon and barbershop technologies from top vendors and see why Artemiz stacks up as the best alternative solution.

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*Includes all add-ons


*Includes all add-ons


*Includes all add-ons

2018 Pricing & Feature Comparison Chart

Online Booking 24/7

Appointment Scheduling

Google, Apple, & Outlook Calendar Integration

Text Message Notification

Mobile Access

Facebook Integration

Inventory Management

Reporting Tool

Product Reservation

Salon Point of Sale

Client Rewards & Referral

Automated Text Message Marketing

Enhanced Text Messaging

Mass Text Message Campaign

Performance Dashboard

Product Catalog

Website Builder

Add $10/month

Free Marketplace

Booth Rent

POS/Credit Card Integration

Add $10 after $4000 charge

Online Booking

Appointment Scheduling

POS & CC Processing

Inventory Management

Finances & Reporting


Employee Management

Booth Renter

Free Website Builder

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