Salon Management Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Artemiz provides answers. Our FAQ and Salon Management Tips are here to help you.

What is online customer scheduling?

With Artemiz’s online customer scheduling, the client makes his/her appointments by accessing your business’s website or social media from any Internet connection. Each customer has access to their data only, with business-authorized individual logins and passwords. Clients can check their own appointments, view product history, services and check balances. Busy customers will love the 24/7 convenience.

How does Artemiz’s inventory management help?

Artemiz’s real-time inventory solution helps you maintain continuous, accurate track of every item in your business and changes the inventory figures each time you make a sale, implement a return, or receive a new product shipment. Once you set up trigger points, Artemiz also alerts you when you are running low on a specific product. This helps you to identify sales trends, simplify your order processing and maximize on-the-shelf products. You will never lose an opportunity to win product sales due to lack of inventory.

What if my Internet connection is disabled?

Artemiz performs automatic backups with multiple locations to protect you against any loss of data. In the event your Internet goes down at your business, you will have multiple options: 1.) You can use your phone as a gateway 2.) You may have several Wi-Fi capabilities near your location to access. Remember, Artemiz isn’t restricted to your front desk, and we can advise you of alternative solutions to find out the best course of action that fits your environment.

How secure is Artemiz?

This is the focal priority of Artemiz. Each business account is its own separate entity, protected by state-of-the-art software with built-in security codes and passwords. Absolutely no other Artemiz user can access your business information. There is also tiered built-in security with Artemiz, which means each person within your business only has access to the appropriate data that you permit. If an employee leaves, his/her password is no longer valid in the system and the database will not be able respond to his/her request.

What does centralized data do for multiple business locations?

Each business that is in a group or chain owns its operational data (such as sales, appointments, customer info, inventory usage, etc.) and has no access to another business’s data. However, some/all of this data may be pooled at a central location to enable top-level oversight.

How are upgrades processed?

Upgrades are applied at the central server and are effective immediately to all Artemiz subscribers once complete – there is no further installation, fee, or downtime associated with upgrades. Your Artemiz application is always technologically up-to-date without the need to purchase or install additional software.

What if my employees are not technologically savvy?

This is essentially a nonissue as Artemiz comes complete with training and support. Artemiz is so easy to use that most employees will learn to navigate the application in a matter of hours. The browser-based format will be familiar to your employees, and the system itself is clear and logical, written in plain English. The Artemiz application was developed by business owners within the beauty industry.

I have a small business, so why do I need this software?

You may not think so, but there is a large volume of data that is constantly moving throughout your business (sales, client information, inventory, service updates, emails, notifications, etc.). Artemiz automates all this information for you so you can concentrate less on administrative tasks and more on your clients.

What about software maintenance and support?

For the user, Artemiz is virtually maintenance-free because there’s no server or software hardware that is installed in your business. We act as your own IT professional, maintaining the system from our central location. When you report a technical issue, we don’t talk you through a solution, we fix it at the source. However, any question or problem you may have with the application, we’re always here to discuss it with you, and we work personally with you until the issue is resolved.