Keeping track of essential customer information has never been easier


One the core features of the Artemiz system is online scheduling, and you will be amazed at how simple and convenient it is to book clients.

  1. Go to the Calendar tab and select a day
  2. Click to schedule at the appropriate time
  3. Once you get to the schedule record screen, complete the following fields:
    1. The professional performing the service
    2. The name of the customer
    3. The service to be performed
    4. The time that will be allocated (each service can have a predefined time)
    5. Whether the appointment has been confirmed or is recurring

You can also just click the green tab +Calendar and the record screen will pop up.

You can permanently delete appointments, though best practices dictate that you cancel it so you can analyze your scheduling performance.

To delete a schedule:

  1. Already in the calendar tab, hover on the appointment you wish to delete
  2. Click the trash icon that appears in the right corner of the appointment field

To cancel a schedule:

  1. Already in the calendar tab, click on the schedule you wish to cancel
  2. Click the “Change Schedule” icon
  3. Set the option status as canceled

Yes! But if you prefer, you can choose not to send.

On the Scheduling screen, just below “(+) Add service” there is an option called “Send reminder SMS”. If this option is checked, on average 1 hour before the scheduled time, the system will send an SMS reminding your client that he or she has an appointment. If this option is cleared, the system will not send the reminder.

The system will only send the message if you have a positive SMS balance! For this, it is necessary to adhere to an SMS package.

Step 1.) Creating a Facebook business profile (if you don’t have one already).

Access the Facebook site and log in with your personal account. Then go to and you’re ready to create your page.

Select the business type you want to create. In your case, you will likely choose Local, and then select Spa / Beauty / Personal Care / Etc.

Enter the required information and click Start. Following these steps, you will then need to customize your page.

You can also turn your personal profile into a page. Just go to and follow the same steps as above.

Step 2.) Create a new tab.

You will need to insert an Artemiz code into Facebook, which will require you to create a new tab. One of the options is via applications; to do this, simply visit and click Install Page Tab.

Step 3) Choose the page that you created in step 1, and click Add tab on the page. A Welcome will automatically be created. It is in this page where you will insert your Artemiz code.

Step 4.) Integrate Artemiz with Facebook Go back to your Artemiz portal and view “General Settings.” Copy the code from the right column in “Online Scheduling.” Now, revisit Facebook and click on the page created in the previous step and in Configure Page Tab. In Page Source leave the HTML option checked and paste the code copied from Artemiz into Enter the HTML for your page. Next, in Tab Name, enter the name of your new tab, such as Booking. In the Tab Image field, you can choose an image to display as an icon on Facebook. It is important that the image is 111 pixels wide by 74 pixels high. Finally, click Save Settings. If everything is set up correctly, you can visit your page and see the new tab created. There are many other configuration and customization options. Feel free to choose the one that fits you best.

In “register your customers,” there is an option called “Code for Scheduling.” This code is generated automatically by the system, but if you or your customer prefer, they can change it! Whenever your client wants to book online at your location, he or she must enter this code.

On Facebook, there will be an option called “Schedule Now.”

How Customers Can Schedule an Appointment via Facebook:

    • In the Calendar, your client will choose which day to schedule
    • In the Enter your code field, your client will need to enter the code quoted at the beginning of the text, generated through the customer registry
    • Soon after, the customer will choose the Professional he or she wants to see, and the desired Service

The system will allow customers to book only at the available time(s) of your schedule

After clicking Confirm, the system will mark the client as “Not Confirmed” in your calendar and the color of the schedule will turn blue.

In addition, you’ll be able to check unverified schedules in your calendar by clicking “Unverified.”

After verifying that your client has scheduled, you must confirm. To do this, simply open the schedule and change its status from “Not Confirmed” to ” Confirmed.”

In the scheduling screen, next to Status, you will find an option called “Recurring?”. Click there

The system opens below with the following options:

Repeat: Choose whether this schedule repeats every month (Monthly), every fortnight (Biweekly) or every week (Weekly) Occurrence: Tell us how many times we must repeat this type of appointment.

Example 1: Joana bought a series of 4 facials, and she comes 1x a month to receive this service. Therefore, the Repeat option would be as Monthly and the Occurrence should be 4.

Example 2: Isabella bought a package of 10 manicures, and she comes 1x per week to perform this service. Therefore, the Repeat option would be Weekly and the occurrence should be 10.

You can view it in two ways:

By Calendar

In the Calendar screen, just below your calendar there is an option called Confirmed. By clicking on it, the system will show you all the confirmed schedules of the day that are selected in your calendar.

By Scheduling Report

Under Reports > Schedules, you must click Status. Just below, look for the “Confirmed” option (or other status you wish to check). In addition, at the top you can select from which period you want to view your appointments and their status.

In the Calendar screen, you can place the mouse on the appointment that you want to edit. The system will show you 4 icons: Message, bill, edit, delete. Click on the third icon, represented by a pencil with a sheet.

The system will open the schedule for you to edit.


In a few simple steps, you will be able to launch all sales made to your customer.

Checking out a Customer

  1. In your calendar, place your mouse on the appointment slot
  2. Click “Invoice Scheduling” (dollar bill icon)
  3. Check out the services provided, edit them if necessary
  4. Check the final value of the order
  5. Click “Finish and Insert Payment”
  6. Select payment method from the dropdown”
  7. Click Checkout

Creating an order from scratch

  1. Go to the Sales tab > Orders
  2. Click the (+) Order button.
  3. Enter the customer information, the items being purchased (service or product), and payment information
  4. Click “Finish and Insert Payment”
  5. Select payment method from the dropdown
  6. Click Checkout

To do this, simply go to Sales > Orders and find the order you would like to edit and click on the order number.

The order can be edited only when it is still an open order (i.e. not yet paid). After you close the order, you will no longer be able to edit (but you will still be able to edit your financial records).

Order statuses can help you decide what actions need to be taken for a particular order.

Confirmed: The customer has confirmed the appointment.

Unconfirmed: The customer has scheduled an appointment, however, has yet to confirm if he or she will show up.

Canceled: The customer has canceled the appointment.

To do this, you must go to Sales> Orders and find the order you want to delete. You can click the trash icon to completely delete the order.

However, this will also delete the transaction from your books and alter your cash flow report.

Go to Sales> Orders and locate the order where a sale was made to a customer. On the left side of the order number, you will see an icon that represents a printer. Click here.

The system will open a new window – in print mode – of: customer data, services provided, products consumed and the form of payment used. You can also print this receipt on a thermal printer.


The Purchases menu is designed so that you can to easily control the stock of products that are on your shelves and ready to be used for service or sold.

New Buy

  1. In the Purchases menu, click (+) New Purchase
  2. Provide the invoice number and the supplier
  3. Add the products that you want to record. You can add new products by clicking the + symbol for all items on the same invoice/from the same supplier
  4. In the purchase products section, enter the quantity, the cost and sales value
  5. Click Finish and Insert Payment
  6. Select the form of payment, and the amount it will cover
  7. Click Add Payment
  8. You can select multiple forms of payment with different amounts. The final value of all your additions must Equal the value of the Total of the Purchase
  9. If everything went well, you can click on Checkout to finalize your purchase


On the right side of your navigation menu, click Settings> Messaging (SMS). There are four packages options:

250 SMS: $1.99, 500 SMS: $3.99, 750 SMS: $5.99, 1000 SMS: $7.99

After the payment has been made, your balance will be available to you to send any SMS through the system. The package has no expiration date and if any submission fails, the SMS unit will not be used.

Yes! This is a wonderful strategy to build rapport with your customers and keep them coming back due to the personal connection you’ve established

There are two options for you to send a birthday SMS to your customers:

  1. Through the Calendar

Go to your Calendar. The left side menu display a Birthdays tab with a number. This number represents the number of birthdays you have for that day. When you click on Birthday, the system will show you the list of the customers who are celebrating. You have the option to “Congratulate” each one. Click again and the system will open a screen with a ready message you can send (or personalize)

  1. Automatically

If you prefer, the system can automatically send SMS to your clients wishing them well on their special day. To do this, just go to Settings> General Settings and click “SMS” in the tab options.

Near the bottom of the screen, click on “Birthday SMS”. There will be an option called “Automatically Send?”. Change it to YES, update the message if necessary and then click “Update Information.”

In the morning, the system will automatically check which customers are celebrating birthdays and the SMS will be sent.

Please note: The system will only send the message if you have a positive SMS balance! For this, it is necessary to adhere to an SMS package.

You can get this information in two ways:

  1. Scheduling Screen

When you are scheduling an appointment, the window shows how many messages you still have available to use.

  1. Message Screen (SMS)

In Settings> Messaging (SMS), you can view your SMS balance right at the top of the page.

To do this, go to Customers and use the search bar (“Find customers”).

Click on the customer you wish to send a message to, and on the right side of your screen, there will several tabs.The option called SMS is where you can send a text.


Stock control is important to maintaining the right balance of products in your business. You don’t want to lose a sale because you didn’t have enough inventory to fill an order. Furthermore, too much inventory can trigger profit losses, so it is important to have an accurate view of your stock.

Go to your Register tab> Products

Click the (+) New Product button

Fill in all the necessary information and click “Create Product/Service”