Take Control of Your Inventory with a Powerful Software Solution

Eliminate the guest work, paperwork and complexity of managing inventory with a streamlined solution.

Actionable Insights with the Click of a Button

The beauty is in the details.

Designed with the features you love…

  • Speed up your ordering process by creating PO’s directly in the software.
  • Auto alerts remind you when stock is getting low.
  • Product reservations mean you are never out of stock, nor are you dusting off products that have been sitting on shelves too long.
  • Easily update inventory information including manufacturer, product groups, product names, sizes, costs, and prices.
  • Auto-adjusts inventory when sale is made, process a return or receive shipped product.
  • Reconcile inventory with real-time audit trail.

Why Artemiz?

  • Say goodbye to bulky features that make inventory management complicated.
  • Insightful reporting allows you to see which products are performing best on the retail and service level.
  • Access anywhere with mobile access.
  • No more lost sales for popular products.
  • Easily set-up parameters.
  • Quick and accurate receiving.

Grow with Artemiz

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